Agency Admin User

Agency Admin User Management

This tutorial is designed to help agency administrator users create and manage standard agency user
accounts; manage aspects of their agencies and their own personal profiles; and view agency states
of operation.

It contains five main sections:
· I-View/Edit Agency
· II-Set Up Standard Agency User
· III-View/Edit Standard Agency User
· IV-View/Edit Agency Admin Profile
· V-View Agency States of Operation

Agency Administrator User Management


This tutorial assumes that the user:

1. Is set up with an account in the RPS portal. NOTE: If the user is not set up with an account in
Innovas, they should contact Melina Simmons at or 312.803.6368.

2. Has access to the Internet

Browsers and Operating Systems:

Innovas is optimized to work on all of the following prominent browsers:
· Internet Explorer 6
· Mozilla Firefox 15
· Google Chrome 22.1
· Safari 4

Innovas works best on the following operating systems:
· Windows XP or greater
· Mac OS X, 10.5 or greater