Generate Indication Online

Generate Executive Lines Indication Online

This tutorial was developed to assist the RPS appointed retail broker in generating up to three
initial indications for privately held companies and up to two indications for non-profit entities.

Generate Nurse Practitioner Indication Online


This tutorial assumes that the user:

1. Is set up with an account in the RPS Innovas system. NOTE: If the user is not set up with an account
in Innovas, they should contact their agency administrator for assistance. If the agency administrator
is unknown, they should contact Melina Simmons at or 312.803.6368.
2. Has access to the Internet
3. Has their SIC code available prior to beginning the application

Browsers and Operating Systems:

Innovas is optimized to work on all of the following, prominent browsers:
· Internet Explorer 6 or greater
· Mozilla Firefox 15
· Google Chrome 22.1
· Safari 4

Innovas works best on all of the following operating systems:
· Windows XP or greater
· Mac OS X, 10.5 or greater