Mortgage OnLine-PL Documents

Mortgage OnLine-PL Documents

This section is arranged as an interactive table of contents style for our full compliment of mortgage documents. The documents are listed in the order of usage, and are designed to help users log into the system, generate indications, process and complete indications, bind and pay by check or credit, and understand confirmation and policy document emails.

Simply click on the one-page quick starts, more detailed tutorials or PowerPoint Guides as needed.

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PART 1: Log On To OnLine-PL Through 2X Client

This section includes instructions on logging into OnLine-PL through the 2X client. It only applies to those using the OnLine-PL system, and does not pertain to the web version of the executive lines application.

Log On to OnLine-PL Through 2X Client

PART 2: Individual OnLine-PL Mortgage Application Documents

This section pertains to the mortgage application process. The documents are listed in the order that they naturally occur for those looking to process an application from start to finish.  

Generate Mortgage Indication In OnLine-PL

Review & Process Mortgage Application Details Online

Complete Mortgage Application Online